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Extraordinarily talented actress….. something a bit special ….Rob Brown’s wonderfully deft writing allows Asaria to introduce us to the rest of her crew without any disruption to the pace of the narrative……...a motley bunch of misfits thrown together by fate, damaged, dangerous people, co-existing in a distinctly uneasy alliance

…..this is sci-fi for grown-ups ….. the tension is maintained exquisitely, there are real shocks in store, and some genuinely disturbing moral questions are raised.

….After a while, you feel like you’ve been watching a blockbuster sci-fi movie, only one with unusually provocative themes and well-drawn characters. A George Lucas film with a screenplay by Martin Amis, perhaps? Then you realize you’ve actually just been lying on a sofa in the dark listening to a single sweet, clear, perfectly enunciated voice

….reminiscent of John Wyndham .......a bloody good story

….The Jarillion Mercy is a brilliant slice of drama...It takes the listener to some dark places, but it leaves you wanting more. Much more … I hope, fervently, that we will have the chance to join Asaria and her crew in new adventures in the very near future.

Paul Carney, London

I enjoyed the story. The pacing of the story, content of the story, the relationships of the characters, and the point of view of Asaria help make the story enjoyable.

The reading of the story by Sarah Sutton is excellent. She gives Asaria the emotions to make her endearing to the listener, and sympathetic towards Asaria’s plight.

Ray Sullivan from Dickson, Tennessee